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Why do we dye our hair?

by | Apr 1, 2017

Why do we dye our hair? What is possible?
Some of our guest dye their hair to cover their grey hairs. We as professionals know how much is possible with coloring your hair. How about a natural highlight, deepening your haircolor, more shine or some of the latests trends?

For years we use the natural hair colors of Aveda, developed with up to 99 % natural basis. Synthetic additives are minimized to preserve the structural integrity of your hair and be as kind as possible to our environment.

Through collaboration with colleague Jo Mackay (Aveda’s European Education & Hair Colour Specialist) we as creative team are always up to date and optimally inspired in hair coloring, with the goal to be able to give maximal service and consult to our guests.

As an example, an logical advice by Jo Mackay:
A subtle or big change of your hair color also deserves a focus on your eyebrows and makeup. Adapt the color or shape of your eyebrows or change your makeup to your new hair color. A minor change with a new look as a result.

Ideal are to book treatments for these changes in the form of iinn between treatments with your iinn color treatments. The creative team at iinn is looking forward to accommodate you!

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